Sonja A. Kotz, Ph.D.

Full Professor and Chair in Neuropsychology and Translational Cognitive Neuroscience / Head of Section Neuropsychology / Faculty of Psychology & Neuroscience / Dept. of Neuropsychology & Psychopharmacology
Maastricht University
+31 433 881 653

Sonja A. Kotz is a cognitive, affective and translational neuroscientist who investigates the role of prediction in multimodal domains (perception, action, communication, music) in healthy and clinical populations using behavioural and modern neuroimaging techniques (E/MEG, s/fMRI). She holds a Chair in Translational Cognitive Neuroscience at Maastricht University, multiple honorary positions and professorships (Manchester & Glasgow, UK), Leipzig (Germany), (Georgetown, USA) and is currently the President of the European Society for Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience.


The research conducted in her research teams over the last 20 years has been devoted to three core topics: the domain specificity and/or domain generality of music, speech, and prosody, the impact of music on learning, and the impact of music in the rehabilitation of movement and speech/language disorders.


Maastricht University / P.O. Box 616, 6200 MD Maastricht, The Netherlands