Luis Concha, MD, PhD

Professeur associé, Institut de neurobiologie
Université nationale autonome du Mexique, Mexique

Luis Concha obtained his MD in Mexico, after which he moved to Edmonton, Canada, and obtained his PhD in Medical Sciences/ Biomedial Engineering at the University of Alberta, where he worked under the supervision of Drs. Christian Beaulieu and Donald W. Gross in the fields of DTI and epilepsy. He continued his work at the Montreal Neurological Institute, where he did his post-doctoral fellowship with Drs. Neda and Andrea Bernasconi. Since January, 2010 he is an Associate Professor at the Institute of Neurobiology at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, where he began his work in the field of music and fMRI in close collaboration with the BRAMS (Drs. Peretz and Armony).

His current research involves the characterization of the secondary auditory cortex and its relation to the perception of complex acoustic stimuli including music and speech, and how its function, connectivity and morphology are modulated by musicianship. To this end, he employs MRI techniques such as fMRI, diffusion tensor imaging and quantification of cortical thickness.