Emily BJ Coffey, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology
Concordia University

Coffey Lab: Audition, Sleep and Plasticity (CL:ASP) focuses on neuroplasticity associated with complex tasks, using musicianship and its interaction with language as a model. With BRAMS colleagues at McGill University, we have created an open-access ‘Music-in-Noise Task’ that can be used to study how individuals use the many cues that make up the important skill of hearing in noise (HIN), and how these skills differ according to musical training.

Our lab uses a variety of neuroimaging tools (i.e. MEG, EEG, fMRI, DWI, VBM) to study the neural bases of auditory processing, hearing-in-noise, and musician advantages, and their relation to training. We are also combining these areas with new techniques that can causally influence sleep-dependent memory consolidation, such as closed-loop auditory stimulation. Ultimately, our goals are to understand how training and sleep interventions can maintain auditory and language function, and improve learning and quality of life.