Debra Titone, PhD

Professeure, Departement de psychologie
Université McGill
(514) 398-1778

Prof. Titone is interested in how the brain supports (1) the comprehension of contextualized language (e.g., ambiguity resolution, idioms, metaphors), and (2) the formation of relational memory representations in humans (e.g., transitive inference, configural learning, episodic memory, and other products of normal medial temporal lobe function). Prof. Titone studies these two areas using a variety of cognitive neuroscience techniques including basic cognitive experiments with normal and disordered populations (e.g., schizophrenia, right hemisphere damage patients) and, more recently, neuroimaging methods (e.g., ERPs and fMRI).

Dr. Titone is Language & Multilingualism lab‘s  director.