Christine Beckett, PhD

Associate Professor, Music Faculty of Fine Arts
Concordia University
(514) 848-2424

Dr. Christine Beckett’s teaching at Concordia includes ear training, keyboard skills, theory (harmony, counterpoint, analysis, etc.), and surveys of music research. Dr. Beckett has taught within Concordia’s undergraduate curriculum for both Majors (Integrative Music Studies and Electroacoustic Studies); at the Faculty level in FFAR courses for non-Fine Arts students; and as a guest lecturer in graduate programs such as the Diploma in Advanced Music Performance Studies and the Certificate in Music Therapy. Previous to arriving at Concordia, Beckett taught at McGill where she was Chair of Musicianship 2001-2003, and at the Université de Sherbrooke, CEGEPs, Suzuki institutes, and in private studio. Besides teaching, Dr. Beckett enjoys organizing university events such as conferences, special concerts, the Welcome for first year students, and Concordia’s annual Open House.

Dr. Beckett studied music education, composition, and piano/viola performance at the University of Toronto. She then did viola performance and graduate studies in research on ear training at McGill. In 1993, she was the first person to graduate from McGill with a Ph.D. in Music. Dr. Beckett has performed as pianist and string player in various solo and ensemble contexts in North America and Europe.

Dr. Beckett’s research is in the exciting and rapidly-expanding field of music perception and cognition, with studies on: absolute pitch; music reading/dyslexia; issues in ear training; music and emotion; cross-arts studies such as creative strategies of musicians and dancers; oral heritages such as Irish traditional music; etc.

Dr. Beckett is a full charter Faculty member of the International Laboratory for Brain, Music, and Sound (BRAMS), and a member of the BRAMS Board of Directors.