Chia-Yuan Lin, PhD

Dr. S. Dalla Bella & Dr. S. Falk Lab
University of Kent, UK

Chia-Yuan received his BSc and MSc degrees in Psychology from the National Chengchi University in Taiwan and a PhD in Psychology from the University of York. His PhD thesis investigated the processing of spoken number words and written Arabic digits by using behavioural and EEG/ERP techniques.

He started to work on the Leverhulme research project « Does Language Have Groove? Sensorimotor Synchronisation for the Study of Linguistic Rhythm » led by Prof Tamara Rathcke and collaborated with Prof Simone Dalla Bella and Dr Simone Falk from May 2018. The interdisciplinary project aims to study rhythm in language by exploring the boundaries between music and speech. In November 2018, he was awarded the Postdoctoral Study Visit Scheme from the British Psychology Society, funding him a 4-week trip to BRAMS to learn essential analysis and knowledge for tapping data. Chia-Yuan’s recent work is looking into the acoustic properties in sentences that formulate one’s rhythm perception in speech materials.