Johanne David

Administration & Office Automation Technician

  • Responsible for all administration activities

Mihaela Felezeu

Research Agent

Responsible for: Electroencephalography/Event Related Potentials (EEG/ ERP), Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Laboratories and Laboratory for electrophysiological measurements using Biopac equipment.

  • Evaluates the requirements for research projects and advises on the experimentation protocols.
  • Provides technical assistance and references with the design and the setup of testing experiments.
  • Prepares user guides and trains users to general experimental procedures.
  • Assesses research participants.
  • Helps with the assembly and the installation of the electrodes, TMS experimentations.
  • Identifies, corrects and solves technical problems concerning data acquisition.
  • Assists the experimenters providing technical support for all stages of the research from data recording to analysis.
  • Manages the bank of participants.

Vacant Position

Responsible for IT &  Audio-Visual

  • Evaluates the needs of the research team by discussing the projects as they advance, and by providing advice regarding appropriate equipment, software configuration, and methods used in the research projects.
  • Provides technical documents and references.
  • Experiments with the musical and audio system by composing, arranging, performing, recording, editing, and analysing the system.
  • Helps with the editing of videos, audio illustrations, figures, and scientific data tables.
  • Writes the user guides and informs the users of the general procedures related to the functioning of the work stations and the associated audio-vocal equipment.
  • Installs and configures the equipment and software, researches and installs updates, maintains and performs minor equipment repairs, and solves minor information-technology problems.