Johanne David

Administration & Office Automation Technician

  • Responsible for all administration activities

Mihaela Felezeu

Research Agent

Responsible for: Electroencephalography/Event Related Potentials (EEG/ ERP), Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Laboratories and Laboratory for electrophysiological measurements using Biopac equipment.

  • Evaluates the requirements for research projects and advises on the experimentation protocols.
  • Provides technical assistance and references with the design and the setup of testing experiments.
  • Prepares user guides and trains users to general experimental procedures.
  • Helps with  EEG, TMS, BIOPAC, fNIRS experimentations.
  • Identifies, corrects and solves technical problems concerning data acquisition.
  • Assists the experimenters providing technical support for all stages of the research from data recording to analysis.
  • Assesses research participants and manages the bank of participants.

Alex Nieva

Research Agent

Responsible for: Mocap Lab, the Dome, fNIRS, audio equipment, research protocol development, and research related computer software and networking.

Alex Nieva is a research engineer. He is specialized in the connection between music and various related fields such as electronics, new media technologies, acoustics, audio, computer programming and music perception. Alex holds an MA in music technology from McGill University and an MSc in electrical engineering from Northeastern University.

Alex oversees the maintenance and development of BRAMS state-of-the-art technological platform. He is primarily focused on maintaining the motion capture service and integrating it with other techniques such as EEG, EMG, fNIRS, etc. As well, he is in charge of all related audio, video, computer equipment and to provide support for experiments in the aforementioned techniques.