Dear BRAMS and CERNEC Students and professors,

We invite you all to celebrate christmas with us on Thursday, December 20th 2012. This event will be held at BRAMS – Suite 0-120, 1430 boul. Mont-Royal (métro Édouard-Montpetit). This year, the theme of the festivities will be « sweet factory ».

From 6pm onwards, a buffet will be offered. To follow tradition, we ask you all to contribute to the buffet by bringing your favorite homemade dish (you can also buy something!) – Prizes will be delivered to the evening best

dishes! For those arriving later in the evening, we suggest you to bring deserts or sweets.

This year, all BRAMS and CERNEC professors are asked to contribute 40$ – and students 10$ by Friday, December 7th 2012.

From December 7th onwards, the contribution will be 45$ for professors and 15$ for students. 

Please register online

See you soon!