Razieh Alemi

Dr. A. Lehmann Lab
McGill University

Dr Alemi got her bachelor and master of Speech and Language Pathology from Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS), Tehran, Iran. Razieh worked as a clinician in different cochlear implant (CI) centers in Tehran and have several years of experience in auditory rehabilitation of CI users.

She obtained her Ph.D.  in Neuroscience from TUMS in March 2018. In her thesis, she focused on tracking experienced-related neuroplasticity in pediatric CI users.

She joined the Laboratory of Dr. Alexandre Lehmann at McGill University as a research assistant. In her first project at McGill University, she worked on the neural correlates of electrophysiological responses (Middle Latency Responses and Steady-State Evoked Potentials) of adult CI users. In this project, and under the supervision of Dr. Lehmann,  she showed the feasibility of recording acoustically evoked neural responses in  CI users.

In January 2019, she was awarded by MITACS accelerate program in collaboration with MED-El Corporation and started her post-doc project. She is working on “Voice pitch control of adult CI users” under the direct supervision of Dr. Alexandre Lehmann (McGill University) and Dr. Mickael Deroche (Concordia University). This project aims to understand how vocal production is affected by listening through CI and how the results of her study could enhance the current technology of speech processing in CI devices