Eva Best

Liaison Agent
University of Montreal
514 343 6111 ext. 3167

Eva Best completed her honours Bachelor in psychology and three years of research in neuroplasticity at Concordia University. During her first year of study, she studied learning and memory in rats with Pr. David Mumby. For the last two years of her BA, she studied music, motor learning and neuroplasticity with Virginia Penhune, who is a full member of BRAMS. She started working at BRAMS in August 2014.

Services Offered

  • Coordinate between students, student representatives, staff, post-doctorants, professors, departments, and various universities, whether internal or external, for the organization, execution, or resolution of professor, post-doctorant, and student affairs of any kind, BRAMS events, media and communications, and daily operations (classes, research, meetings, etc.)
  • Design and distribute BRAMS communications through email and on the website.
  • Respond to questions/comments/requests from anyone who emails BRAMS.
  • Update and maintain procedures and training materials.
  • Update and maintain the log and access rights of staff, students, post-doctorants, and professors, their contact information and affiliations, and keep track of their research activities and length of stay to ensure their needs are met. Assist in assigning desks based on this information.
  • All other tasks as required.