Alexandre Lehmann, PhD

Faculty of Medicine, Dept. of Otolaryngology
McGill University

Alexandre Lehmann, M.Eng., Ph.D., is assistant professor at McGill University’s Faculty of Medicine and adjunct professor at University of Montreal’s Psychology Department. He is also a principal member of the CRBLM (Centre for Research on Brain Language and Mind).

Alexandre’s research focuses on cognitive neuroscience of human auditory processing. He has been investigating brain plasticity and sensorimotor integration, both in the neocortex and subcortex, using electro-encephalography. Some of his topics of interests are selective attention, consonance perception, rhythmic entrainment and consciousness. He is currently applying those approaches to investigate performance and rehabilitation in cochlear implant users.

In the line with dynamical accounts of cognition and consciousness such as the oscillatory approach set forth by the enactive framework, he seeks to explore the interplay between subcortical and cortical structures. On the long-term he wishes to combine recent theoretical and technological advances, such as neuro-phenomenology, two-body neuroscience and mobile brain imaging, in order to study ecological situations such as collective dancing, chanting or drumming.