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Motion capture system

Records human movements with high resolution in 3D (largest non-commercial system in Canada)

  • Qualysis system, 32 cameras, 1000 frames per second (infrared markers)
  • Organic Motion system, 16 cameras (without markers)

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS)

Non-invasive brain stimulation in human participants

  • Magstim Rapid 2 TMS setup
    stimulates the brain with magnetic pulses
  • EMG AD Instruments
    records muscle activity
  • Brainsight Neuro-navigation system
    optical position system that allows real-time visualization of stimulation site
  • 64-channel Brainvision EEG System Compatible with TMS
    recording of electrical brain activity during TMS stimulation

Electro-encephalography (EEG)

  • Two soundproof electrically shielded booths
    recording of EEG data without electric or acoustic interference
  • Five 64-channel BioSemi EEG systems
    High-density recording of electrical brain activity
  • Two Neuroscan Synamps EEG system
    High-density recording of electrical brain activity
  • EyeLink II Eye-tracker
    precise localization of participants gaze
  • Interacoustics AC40 audiometer 
    Standard clinical audiometry

 Testing laboratories

  • Five general-purpose soundproof booths
  • One soundproof booth for behavioral testing on infants
  • One soundproof booth for audiological assessment
  • One large general-purpose soundproof booth with large viewing window
  • Five BIOPAC mobile systems
    recording of physiological responses such as respiration, heart rate, galvanic skin response)
  • 15 computer data analysis workstations


Echo-free simulation of complex 3D acoustic environments and testing of spatial hearing 

  • 20 m2 soundproof and echo-free chamber
  • 80-channel spherical loudspeaker array (~2m diameter)
    Allows controlled simulation of sound environments
  • KEMAR mannequin
    binaural recording and calibration
  • Polymus 3D head tracker
    3D localization of head position and orientation
  • 32-channel spherical Eigenmike microphone array
    Captures 3D sound environments, allows real-time control of directional microphone characteristic
  • Binaural in-ear microphones
    Recording of individualized directional transfer functions, recording of spatial stimuli for MRI experiments

Recording Studio

Professional soundproof recording studio for 16-track recording

  • Computerized Bösendorfer Concert Piano
    expanded octave range, force sensors and motors on every key, records and reproduces piano performance with great precision

Audiological testing suite

  • Otoscope
    examination of the ear canal and middle ear
  • Interacoustics AC40 audiometer 
    standard clinical audiometry
  • Interacoustics Titan tympanometry device
    measures tympanum and middle ear function
  • Neurospec ILO otoacoustic emission device
    Measures inner ear function through otoacoustic emissions (transient and distortion product emissions)
  • Ear impression and fitting workplace

General equipment

  • Polycom Teleconferencing System
  • Electrics and electronics workbench


  • Matlab
  • Acqknowlege
  • Besa 5
  • Besa 6 complete
  • Eprime
  • Presentation
  • Brainvoyager QX
  • Adobe Creative Suite 5
  • Brain Vision Analyzer
  • Max MSP 5 + Jitter
  • Max MSP 6 + Jitter
  • Sony Vegas 12