Join our BRAMS-Participants mailing list!

You are interested in our studies and would like to participate in one (or several) of them? You can now join our Participants’ mailing list and thus receive all our calls for participants, as soon as they are released!

How does it work?

BRAMS sends via email to the “participants mailing list” all calls for participation in our studies. Each email includes at least the following information:

  • Short description of the study
  • Requirements (e.g. age range, musicians/ non-musicians…)
  • Contact person
  • Place where the experiment will take place
  • Amount of the financial compensation (when applicable)

If you meet the requirements and would like to participate in the study described in the email (or if you would like to receive further information about the study), you simply have to contact directly the contact person listed in the email.

How to subscribe/ unsubscribe to BRAMS-Participants mailing list?

Anyone interested in participating in our studies can join BRAMS participants mailing list. You simply have to access the BRAMS-Participants web interface , and click on “subscribe” (to subscribe) or “unsubscribe” (to unsubscribe). You can subscribe and unsubscribe at any time by accessing the web interface listed above.

Note: if the web interface is in French, you can switch to “English” by selecting the language on the bottom left corner of the webpage.

If you have difficulties using the interface or questions about the mailing list, please email us at: