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What should I do to come study or do an internship at BRAMS? 

In order to join BRAMS as a student, you should be supervised by a BRAMS member (either full or associate member). If you wish to join our lab, we advise you to contact directly the supervisor with whom you would like to work and study. For the full list of BRAMS members, please consult the section “Members”.

Note also that you will be officially affiliated (and graduate) from your supervisor’s University. It is therefore very important to read carefully their University’s website and check the various program requirements. Note for instance that to pursue any study at Université de Montréal, you should have a very good knowledge of French – or the willingness to learn – as all courses are taught in French.

Unfortunately, BRAMS does not offer scholarships to students or fellows, whether they are Canadian or International students. However, we regularly announce on our website the scholarships offered by BRAMS members. Please see our “News” section for further information. We also announce scholarship openings from the two following programs: NSERC-CREATE in Auditory Cognitive Neuroscience; and ERASMUS MUNDUS exchange program, funded by the European Union. Note that both programs are opened to Canadian citizen and International students.


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For visiting students/researchers:

To ensure everything is in order, there are two steps: the University of Montreal step, and the BRAMS step.

University of Montreal:

Click this link to see the University of Montreal website discussing guidelines for visiting research students.


Click this link to see the University of Montreal guide for visiting research students.


To receive your invitation letter, the BRAMS student guide, and to fill in the necessary forms, contact