BRAMS laboratory is designed to facilitate collaborations between researchers, thanks to a flexible administrative structure.

The Researcher Assembly meets once a year, generally at BRAMS Annual Scientific day.

The BRAMS Executive Committee is responsible for defining the scientific programming, general directions, policies and regulations; to appoint BRAMS members and to manage the infrastructure and equipment funds of the laboratory. Executive committee members are elected by the Researcher assembly for a term of three years.

How to become a BRAMS member (full or associate membership)?

A professor from a Canadian or International institution who wants to join BRAMS as a full or an associate member should forward his/her Curriculum Vitae and a cover letter specifying his/her research interests, by email, to BRAMS co-directors, Simone Dalla Bella and Robert Zatorre – or to the email address: All requests will be evaluated by BRAMS Executive Committee members.

Following their application, members of the CRBLM strategic cluster automatically obtain the BRAMS associate membership status (simplified application process), thus allowing them to have access to BRAMS infrastructure.

All BRAMS members and their students have access to all laboratory resources. However, we ask you to make sure that you have the required technical skills before using the equipment in question. To use a testing room or any type of equipment, booking is  mandatory. All BRAMS members, postdoctoral fellows and students are also to abide by BRAMS regulations.