Job offer: BRAMS full-time research associate (Agent de recherche)

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The International Laboratory for Brain, Music and Sound Research (BRAMS) is looking for a full-time research associate (Agent de recherche) to maintain and develop BRAMS state-of-the-art technological platform.

BRAMS is a unique research laboratory devoted to the study of music cognition with a focus on neuroscience, located in Montreal and affiliated with the University of Montreal and McGill (

The laboratory provides a vibrant research environment, gathering a critical mass of researchers in the Montreal area and several associated members from all over the world. The position involves technical support of BRAMS specialized equipment (, with a particular focus on the development of motion capture technologies and integration with other systems (EEG, EMG, fNIRS), and IT management (including computer server, and website administration). Fluent English and French oral and written communication skills are required given BRAMS international environment. For more details, see Job Description – English.

Please apply online from July 17th to August 13th via the link Agent de recherche # 512366 – UdeM and select “Emploi 512366”.


Should you have any questions, please contact:

Johanne David

Technicienne en bureautique et administration

Laboratoire International de recherche sur le cerveau, la musique et le son (BRAMS)

514-343-6111, poste 3167