Join our BRAMS-News Mailing List!

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Join our BRAMS-News mailing list!

You are interested in our events and area of research and would like to participate in one (or several) of them? You can join our News mailing list and thus receive e-mails reagarding our upcoming events and other pertinent information on brain, music and sound research!

How does it work?

BRAMS sends information regarding our public events via e-mail to the “News Mailing List”. Each e-mail includes at least the following information:

  • The name of the presenter
  • The title of the presentation
  • A short descripti0n of what will be presented
  • The language of the presentation
  • The time and location of the event

If the event or information does not interest you, please ignore the e-mail.

How to subscribe / unsubscribe to BRAMS-News mailing list?

Anyone interested in our events and selected information can join BRAMS News Mailing List. You simply have to access , and click on “subscribe” (to subscribe) or “unsuscribe” (to unsubscribe). You can subscribe and unsuscribe at any time by accessing the web interface listed above.

Note: If the  Web page is displayed in French, you can switch to English by selecting the language on the bottom left corner of the Web page.

Having difficulties using the interface or questions about the mailing list, please contact us at: