Hear Dr. Anna Zumbansen @ Vues&Voix

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BRAMS invites you to listen to our graduated , Dr. Anna Zumbansen on the issue Vues & Voix with the host Marianne Paquette!


For a moment , imagine that you are in a country where you can not speak or understand the language.

This is what almost 100,000 Canadians affected by aphasia are living. However, many people with aphasia are still able to sing. Can singing promote the recovery of language? Today I discuss this question with Louise Bourbonnais, Executive Director of the Quebec Association of aphasia, Christine Cantin, musician and conductor of a choir, and Anna Zumbansen, aphasia and speech specialist at BRAMS (Brain, Music and Sound) from the University of Montreal.

Here is the link: http://www.vuesetvoix.com/radio/2014/12/12/cest-bon-pour-la-sante-2/

To learn more about Vues & Voicx : http://www.vuesetvoix.com/radio/mission/

Congratulations, Anna!

*Please note, this presentation is in French.