Study on Musical Abilities

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Do you like to listen to music? Are you interested in music and sound, even if you don’t have a formal musical education?

Prof. Isabelle Peretz is a specialist in amusia, recognized internationally for her pioneering work in the domain. This study, carried out under her supervision, will deepen our knowledge on the brain, music and sound. So, if you want to help science, contact us now and contribute directly to the advancement of knowledge in the field.
A preliminary test is available on the Internet to assess your musical abilities. To do the test, please click here.

If after the test, the results show that you have a good musical ear or not (i.e. you scored less than 70%), contact us!
Further tests will be conducted at BRAMS (Université de Montréal). In this case, you’ll receive a monetary compensation for your time.

Contact: ; 514-343-6111 ext. 2799

This study is conducted under the supervision of Professor Isabelle Peretz, PhD., co-director of BRAMS.