Save the date! Inaugural CRBLM Symposium

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CRBLM first annual Symposium on Music and Language: I. Development will be held in Montréal on May 3-4, 2013. Confirmed speakers include Nina Kraus, Jenny Saffran, Laurel Trainor, David Poeppel and Ani Patel among others…

Symposium overview 

The symposium will be our first annual meeting on the comparison between music and language. This comparison is the core interest of our newly formed consortium of researchers working in the area of language and music in Quebec ( In line with the interdisciplinary seminars and workshops organized by Ian Cross and colleagues in the UK during 2010-2011 and dedicated to the relationship between language and music, these Montreal-based annual meetings aim to push the boundaries beyond the traditional partition of language and music. In 2013, we aim to explore overlap and divergence between language and music in development. While research has been conducted into the development of musical abilities in children, or music perception in infants, the question of the relationship between language development and aspects of musicality has not been (much) investigated. In the symposium, we aim to identify specific research questions, which could lead to empirical investigation.

Confirmed speakers

  • Nina Kraus (Northwestern University)
  • Jenny Saffran (University of Wisconsin)
  • Laurel Trainor (McMaster University)
  • David Poeppel (New York University)
  • Ani Patel (Tufts University)
  • Linda Polka (McGill University)
  • Sandra Trehub (University of Toronto and University of Montreal)
  • Jon Sakata (McGill University)
  • Lucie Ménard (University of Quebec at Montreal)

Roundtable on sensitve periods

Chair: Virginia Penhune

Participants: Etienne de Villers, Denise Klein, Laurel Trainor, Jenny Saffran

There will be a call for posters and for short oral presentations

Organizing committee: Isabelle Peretz, Vince Gracco, Lucie Ménard and Laetitia Cremona.

Further information: