Study on Amusia

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You don’t have a musical ear? You can’t hear a false note? You can’t recognize a familiar song? Please contact us; we are interested in meeting you.

Isabelle Peretz, BRAMS co-director, is a world specialist on Amusia, well known for her pioneering work in the domain. This study, conducted under her supervision is designed to better understand amusia. Therefore, if you think you may not have a musical ear, please contact us today.

A preliminary test can be done via the Internet to evaluate your musical abilities. To do the test, please click here.

If, after this test, your results seem to indicate that you don’t have a musical ear (results below 70%), please contact us!

Your participation in our study will help us improve our knowledge on amusia and, more broadly, on brain, music and sound.

Further tests will be conducted at BRAMS (Université de Montréal). Contact: ; 514-343-6111 ext. 2799

This study is conducted under the supervision of Professor Isabelle Peretz, PhD., co-director of BRAMS.