Prof. Christo Pantev (University of Münster, Germany) at BRAMS

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BRAMS is pleased to welcome Prof. Christo Pantev (University of Munster, Germany) in April 2009.


Pr. Pantev’s scientific research, aimed at three major topics, address vital theoretical and clinical issues. The majority of this research has been done with international collaborators.

  1. The functional organization and plasticity of cortical structures, with the objective of understanding organizational and re-organizational cortical and sub-cortical mechanisms in the auditory and somatosensory systems in humans, induced by deafferentation (amputees, blind people, and patients with cochlear implants) as well as very intense skill training (musicians).
  2. Oscillatory (evoked, induced and steady-state) brain dynamics in the visual, auditory and somatosensory modalities with respect to cognitive processes.
  3. Analysis of temporal structures in the central auditory system with respect to language and music


  • Neurophysiology
  • EEG and MEG
  • Event-related transient and steady state potentials and fields
  • Functional organization and reorganization of cortical structures
  • Induced brain activity and oscillatory brain dynamics
  • Perception of spectral and virtual pitch
  • Time processsing in the central auditory system
  • Neurophysiological basics of music
  • Cortical plasticity and music
  • Multimodal cortical plasticity
  • MEG-fMRI integration