Musicians: Born or Made?

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Scientific workshop and public concert-conference, Montreal

Registration: The conference is free, however we would appreciate if you would register in
advance here:

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Musicians Born or Made Symposium 2015


This conference on Music and Talent includes a scientific workshop with priority to
the Academic community (registration in advance is preferred) and a free

The role of natural endowment and hard work in musical performance is one of the
oldest and most contentious issue in both science and society. Up to the 20th
century, innate talent was associated to musicianship. Over the last century,
the prevalent view has been that intensive practice is key. The goal of this
workshop is to examine whether music practice alone can account for individual
differences in musical abilities or if we should also acknowledge the
importance of innate predispositions.

The conference includes academic presentations by leading experts in the fields of
music, child psychology and neuroscience, round table discussions and a public

For dates, locations, and presenters, see the schedule at