Prof. Sarah Wilson (Université de Melbourne, Australie) au BRAMS

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Le BRAMS accueille de la mi-janvier à la fin juin 2010, Prof. Sarah Wilson (Université de Melbourne, Australie), en tant que Chercheure invitée. Pendant son séjour au BRAMS, Pr. Wilson entreprendra un projet commun avec la co-directrice du BRAMS, Isabelle Peretz, et son équipe. Ce projet vise principalement à étudier l’effet bénéfique du chant dans la récupération du langage suite à une lésion cérébrale.


Sarah Wilson is a Clinical Neuropsychologist and research scientist with an interest in the interrelationships between brain processes, cognition and behaviour, and their psychosocial outworkings. This interest has issued two lines of research into the study of brain and behaviour that inform clinical practice: (1) behavioural neuroscience, with a specialty in music neurocognition, and (2) clinical neuropsychology, with a specialty in epilepsy and extensions to other medical conditions.

Her particular interest in auditory processing focuses on auditory perception and cognition and its relationship to other cognitive skills, the neurobiological basis of musical abilities and expertise, the effect of brain injury on music performance (amusia), and the use of music to facilitate cerebral recovery. While at BRAMS she will be undertaking a joint project with Prof Isabelle Peretz and her team that examines the use of singing to facilitate language recovery after stroke. This project will assess the effects of singing training in both the healthy and injured adult brain. A PhD student from The University of Melbourne, Dawn Merrett, is also to join the team at BRAMS to take part in this project.