William Aubé, PhD

Doctoral Student, Dr. I.Peretz Lab, BRAMS
University of Montreal


Is the emotional power of music special? My research focuses on the effect of music on emotional modulation of memory. This project uncovers neural processes involved in the brain’s emotional response to music. We also hope to elucidate the similarities and differences in memory for emotional expressions across the visual and auditory senses.


Aubé, W., Angulo-Perkins, A., Peretz, I., Concha, L., & Armony, J. L. (in press). Fear across the senses: brain responses to music, vocalizations and facial expressions. Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience.

Angulo-Perkins, A., Aubé, W., Peretz., I, Barrios, F., Armony, J.L. &, Concha, L. (2014). Music Listening Engages Specific Cortical Regions Within the Temporal Lobes: Differences Between Musicians and Non-Musicians. Cortex.

Aubé, W., Peretz, I., & Armony, J.L. (2013). The effects of emotion on memory for music and vocalizations. Memory.

Peretz, I., Aubé, W., & Armony, J.L. (2013). Towards a neurobiology of musical emotions. In E. Altenmüller, S. Schmidt, & E. Zimmerman (Eds.), Evolution of emotional communication: From sounds in nonhuman mammals to speech and music in man (pp. 277-299): Oxford University Press

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