Mihaela Felezeu, MD

Research agent
Université de Montréal
514-343-6111 poste 2799

Responsible forElectroencephalography/ Event Related Potentials(EEG/ ERP), Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Laboratories and Laboratory for electrophysiological measurements using Biopac equipment.


  • Evaluates the needs for research projects and advises on experimental protocols.
  • Provides technical assistance with the design and setup of experiments.
  • Prepares user guides and trains users to general procedures.
  • Assesses research participants.
  • Helps with the assembly and the installation of the electrodes.
  • Identifies, corrects and solves technical problems concerning the recording.
  • Assists the experimenters providing technical support for all stages of the research from recording to data analysis.
  • Manages the bank of participants.