Frédrik Desaulniers

Technical Assistant
BRAMS, Université de Montréal

I am a psychology undergrad, member of Dr. Alexandre Lehmann’s laboratory and I am also a new member of the BRAMS IT support team.

As an apprentice IT guy, I will help Bernard to resolve diverse IT problems and deploy new material. From now on, I will be sitting in Bernard’s chair on Fridays.


For IT support request, the process is still the same. You just have to fill out the Support TI au Brams/ IT Support at Brams form. Bernard or myself will then assist you in the best delays.



Technical assistant, IT & Audio-Visual

  • Assists the person responsible for for IT & Audio-Visual.
  • Resolves various technical problems.
  • Installs software.
  • Deploys new material.
  • Provides general technical assistance.